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Building a website for you company is just the first steps in creating an online presence.

The overall strategy is to get your website found when people are searching for a business like yours. Once they find your business the right call to action, coupon, promotion, valuable information and other components are the what create the conversions.


A website needs to be updated continuously to build the domain names ranking score ( similar to a social security number gaining a credit score). You need to offer relevant information to the end users to assure the search engines will index and offer your pages to THEIR visitors.


However, before this even happens, you need to Take a step back and look at the big picture.

There is actually a science to creating a website that converts to actual customers, clients or patients.


Our Website Goals:

• Increase your business inquiries.

• Make your information easily accessible.

• Improve your professional image.

• Provide a great online user experience.

• Let you focus on your business.


Extremely Affordable Websites ( FREE with SEO Program* )

         * Pay Per Flat Rate Per Page , Not Per Hour* Content integration.* Contact form to collect website leads.* Website editing & CMS tool.* Dedicated project manager.* Mobile and tablet friendly design.* Unlimited revisions during design stage.1* Custom web design.* Lifetime support and service.2* SEO friendly website.* Free Website with SEO Program.3* Social media integration.

1. Once Page has been approved there will be a fee to go back for additional changes

2. Free while SEO program is active, additional charge if no SEO campaign is active

3. There is no cost for a website design and development with a paid SEO program agreement for 12 consecutive months.

And still our prices are more competitive than other companies on SEO Programs.


What Does All This Mean?


Remember...... when people search on Google and other search engines for a business like yours all of your competitors will likely be on search results trying to capture the same person.  Essentially you all do the same thing......What makes you different?


In developing your website many questions need to be answered.....


• Why should someone choose to do business with me, once they find me?


• What am I going to say in my website that is going to grab peoples attention

 and keep them engaged with my site?


• What value proposition am I brining to the table to offer these potential customers?


In our design process we assist you in answering these questions to ensure we not only build you a professional site that is easy for search engines and people to interface with, but also

guide people to choose YOU over the competition!


Allow our marketing knowledge to partner with your knowledge of your industry and we together will create a website that converts the end users into customers, clients or patients.


Bottom Line, Call Us

Even if you choose to go with another company

 allow us to spend a few minutes with you to offer some valuable information

you need when deciding who to choose to represent your business online.



Website Consulting


Website Design


Mobile Website Design


Website Content


Website Maintenance



The Domain Name is the name of your Website and the name of your Online Address!


Website Front End Development is the Building of your Website that people see!


Website Back End Development that is for the Search Engines (SEO)


Hosting is server space that pushes the website to the Internet

Domain Names


Picking the right Domain Name is Important!

Domain names are changing from .Com to industry specific domains ( . Attorney, .Roofer, ."Industry")

Don't worry we will discuss theses domains with you so you have all the information needed to create the perfect domain name for your business



Website Front - End Development


This what end users see when they visit your site.  This is the place where you tell the world what you do, how you do it and why the person looking at your site needs to do business with YOU!


We work with you to build a website that is end user friend & professional with sales generation at the helm.  At the end of the day you want a person to find you, and become a customer/patient or client.



Website Back - End Development (SEO)


This is the part of website development specifically geared toward search engines so they can read

what your website is about and the areas you service.


Notice that when you search for Dentist in New York

you do not get search results for Attorneys in California!


There are key factors into the SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

that the website must have in order to appear on the major search engines.


It is possible to have a website and not appear on Google, Yahoo or Bing,

but it is quit difficult to appear on the first page.


When you search for a keyword in a specific area

Google may tell you that there are over 1,500,000 search results found.


If your website is not properly developed ad optimized you will not show up on the first page!!!


Like every other company our focus is to get you on the first page.  However no company can guarantee 1st page placement.

Essentially we are all at the mercy of search engine algorithms, which change constantly.  Our goal is to build you a website that people and search engines find easy to interface with in order to increase your chances of coming up in premium placement across the internet.  We work hard to make sure your campaign is a success.


We have many clients enjoying 1st page placement and we strive to do the same for you!




This is the portion that pushes your website out to the World Wide Web (www)


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