Consulting Services


Consulting Services

Allow Us to Handle your Marketing Campaign and Strategies


• Minimize Marketing Cost

• Maximize Returns

• Cost Per Leads Analysis

• Cost Per Distribution

• Negotiations



Why Our Marketing Consulting Company:


Our marketing specialists can consult you or your team on strategies that will allow you to minimize your out of pocket expenses without sacrificing the returns needed to continue to grow your company. Sometimes you just do not want to hear every sales pitch from the reps that are your account managers or products or services you are currently doing business with. Allow us to discuss the information these reps are trying to provide while gathering the distribution and key points they offer. We will analyze the information and bring you the the required data for you to make the executive decision on these programs.


Our experience of working with thousands of clients over the years will allow us to offer you knowledge and foresight on campaign strategies that you may have not considered. Give us a call to set up a FREE Consultation and allow us to show you how we can be an asset to your company without hurting your overhead.



Have you ever found money in one of your pockets that you didn't know was there?


• We do that everyday for our clients!


• You may be wasting valuable money every single day on your marketing campaign and you don't even know it!


• Do not have the time to meet with reps from other companies


• Need a strong Negotiator


• Connect with us and we will help you find your money and maximize your results!



On a daily basis, there are millions of dollars wasted by small businesses and the crazy part is that they have no clue! Today’s small businesses not only compete with other local companies, but also with “Big Box” organizations that have deep pocket marketing budgets.  Today, small business owners must make every dollar count when it comes marketing their business.  Traditional forms of media are yielding smaller returns, while new and upcoming digital media platforms are gaining consumer popularity by leaps and bounds.  Needless to say, today's marketing landscape is just flat out confusing. In talking with many local business owners we tend to hear similar point of pain:

 Most are confused about how to effectively advertise on digital platforms and most do not have the time to manage it themselves.


We want to grow with you!

The sad part is that many of these small business owners are being taken advantage of over and over again by every media salesperson that walks through their door.  Time and time again small business owners are being sold the world and make large investments that yield little or no return.  Once these salespeople collect their commission, the customer is forgotten about.  There is ZERO follow through and ZERO customer service.  Business owners get nothing but a large monthly bill with ZERO return on their investment! These large companies basically gamble with other peoples money and have no real strategy in place to actually HELP today’s small business owners succeed.


We at have lived through the corporate aspect of digital media and have said enough is enough.  We truly care about being partners with the businesses we deal with, because we are a small business ourselves.  The lifeblood of any small business is referrals.  You cannot build a business by damaging relationships over and over again like some of the large corporations in the digital media world.  We are here, we are local, we are your neighbor, we shop at the same places, eat at the same restaurants etc.


We care about YOU and the success of your business.


Through our Consulting efforts, we uncover many areas missed or overlooked throughout the daily chaos of running a business and marketing in the digital age.



We uncover the wasteful dollars spent on a monthly basis in order to lean out marketing expenses and yield higher levels of exposure and profitability.


We have found many instances where small business owners are being taken advantage of:


  • Hidden Management fees
  • up-charges to click costs,
  • residual commissions on the more money you spend.
  • Overcharging for sub-par SEO programs
  • Management Fee charges for ZERO management
  • Service Fee's
  • Falsified Reporting
  • Inflated Call Counts
  • and the list goes on........



All of these things and are hindering your ability to make money on the Internet.

Your funds need to be maximized and we consult with you and build an effective strategy to make that happen.


Call Today for a FREE Consultation

 and allow us the opportunity to share our knowledge with you.


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